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What kind of buildings do you offer?

We offer homes, saunas, gazebos and other small architectural formations made of  machine rounded logs (Diameter 180 - 320 mm), profiled beam , glued profiled beam. The possible materials are: spruce, pine, aspen, larch and cedar.

Are the wall kits processed? What can the wall kit be processed with?

The wall kits are processed during the warm season, with antiseptic solutions, which are previously agreed with the customer.

What does the wall kit include? And what is not included?

The wall kit includes the wall material itself (logs, beams) together with cut elements according to the project. Also, if pre-agreed with the Customer, the kit can include foundation beams (depending on the foundation type), interfloor bars, rafters, roof sheathing, planks of draft floor, roofing, insulation (jute), nogs, fasteners – hardware ( sedimentary jacks, sliding supports for the roof, support beams, etc.).

How difficult is to set-up/ install the wall kit? What kidn of experience does it require? •

At least foreman has to have the experience.

How is the wall kit packed?

The covered trucks are used for the transportation with the internal conics. Or the trucks without tent can be used. But in this case the internal surfaces of conics have the wooden plank in order to prevent the damage of elements. When shipped abroad the elements are stacked by 4 onto the laying and closed with masking tape.

What kind of transport deliveres the wall kits to the installation site?

Only by trucks

How long does the order fulfillment take?

0,5-1 month (depending on the volume and production capacity)

How long  does the wall kit warranty extend?

Generally 1 year (and then – depending on the conditions of use)

Can you organise the assembling and installation of the wall kit?

Yes, this is also our job.

What kind of log profile is used for the wall kit production?

Generally it is a log with moonlike side thermal groove (channel) and upper compensating kerf (180-320 mm).