Birch Plywood



Multi- Layer Birch Plywood

Tree species:

Baltic Birch (Betula pendula, pubescens)

Origin of raw materials:

The raw materials are supplied from Nordic well- managed forests.

Moisture content:

5- 10 %

Standard dimensions:

1525 х1525, 1270 х 1525.


3.0 – 30.0 mm.

Number of layers:

3- 27 depending on number of layers.

Quality (according to external layers):

II (ВВ), III (СР), IV (C), FK grade

Surface finishing:

polished  or unpolished

Class of emmisions:


The advantages of the offered plywood are as follows:

• meets the world quality standards
• all plywood layers are made of birch veneer with low-toxic high-quality glue
• water resistant
• high strength
• Excellent surface hardness
• texture of natural wood
• high quality grinding