Siberian Larch


Tree species:

Larix sibirica (Larix sibirica)

Origin of raw materials:  

The raw materials are supplied from Siberian well- managed forests.


SF, ABC quality according to Nordic softwood grading rules/ Blue book.

Moisture content:

Kiln dried, 18+/- 2%


Unplaned square edged boards or according to customer specification

Standard dimensions: 

Thickness: 25-50 mm.
Width: 100-225 mm.
Length: 4.0- 6.0 meter long


Dimensions  100 mm  125 mm150 mm 175 mm 200 mm 225 mm
25 mm
32 mm
38 mm
50 mm
75 mm

*Other dimentions are available at customer's request.



With five- sided plastic packaging


By truck to a customer's warehouse. Delivery cost is included in the price of lumber. It is possible to deliver the goods by sea container.



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